Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing Adventure Forge RPG

The year is 650 A.D. Your father has united several tribes in southern Europe to become a popular and powerful warlord, but he now realizes that he will never live to become a king. He hopes that you will succeed where he has failed. You have trained since early childhood to be a powerful fighter. There are stronger warriors in your central European region of Rhaetia, but none come close to your martial skills in close combat. Your people see greatness in your future, but you have much to learn.

Your best friend has trained alongside you for as long as you can remember. He is a berserker. His gift is blazing speed. In the time it takes for you to kill one adversary, he can do moderate damage to three. The two of you would happily venture forth alone into the world seeking adventure, but wisdom demands that your party include two more members: a monk so skilled at healing that he can treat injuries in the midst of combat, and the best marksman in the community - a ranged warrior who must be protected from close combat but who can deal out serious damage from a distance.

The next few years are critical. Your party must gain battle experience, knowledge, and wisdom. You must build reputations as formidable and powerful leaders. You must gather wealth. Accomplish all this, and you will have the power to build a nation out of the ashes of the Roman Empire. A world of adventure awaits.

Adventure Forge is a rules lite role playing game. True to its name it features a complete adventure generation system. Download the latest version here free.

Download Adventure Forge RPG

I will be adding new adventures to this blog. Check back regularly.

If you enjoy this game, or if you have suggestions, please leave comments. Happy adventuring!


  1. Well done Stephen! I'm not experienced enough with digital games to offer useful commentary (except to note that annotation to an "authorised" historical reference source might prove useful for players in various ways, not least in settling disputes regarding applicability issues) and have taken steps to enlist the judgement of others who are.

  2. Thanks Will. This was a fun build for me. As for the setting, I was inspired by Michael Crighton's "Eaters of the Dead" which was made into the movie "The Thirteenth Warrior."

  3. I am looking for a free, light and complete RPG rule-system to use in a new mmorpg web game I hope to start development by Jan 2010.
    I found the Adventure Forge in listing and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of experience, thoughtfulness and creativity that went into it.
    Stephen, would you allow me to use it for a web mmorpg game? You could join the team as well; we're looking for artists and storytellers as well as potential GMs.
    No matter what you decide, I have to congratulate you for an exceptionally good piece of work!

  4. Coyas:

    Please feel free to adapt this to your mmorpg. I ask only that you credit me and that you let me know when its ready. I'd like to play!

  5. Thank you Stephen, I'll keep you updated!

    Some questions:
    [a] I didn't find any armor-prohibition for roles; are all armors available to all roles (if they're willing to suffer the disadvantageous consequences)?
    [b] Armor is stated in the Role-Power Chart (p. 11) and in the Character Sheet (p.12). I'd thought Armor to be an worn-equipment attribute, not a role-power...
    [c] On p. 15 in 'Health' poison & disease effects are stated but I couldn't find instructions about them in the guide. Also the "Damage Taken blank of the character sheet" does not exist in p. 12.
    [d]Is the "Medic" trait available to Monks as well?
    [e] In the "Poor Health" flaw the poison/disease effects are not stated at all.
    [f] On p. 16: Unlucky is the 8th - not 9th - flaw.

    [1] Weapons are only improved +1,+2 etc on damage - is it possible to improve max range or decrease range roll penalties?
    [2] Is it possible to upgrade armor in some way?
    [3] How would you scale advancement for more levels than 10?
    [4] Have you thought of other character roles to implement?

  6. All armor is available for all roles. Some roles can handle heavy armor better.

    Armor is not a role power. I'll clarify that on PC sheet.

    I'll work on the other problems you pointed out. Cheers!

  7. Thank you Stephen :)

    While you're at it, let me ask some questions that came up yesterday when we tried to play out the demo mission with some friends:
    [a] Close attack can target 'adjacent' tiles: horz/vert only or diagonally as well?
    [b] When an NPC dies/unconscious, it becomes 'prone' and the tile 'difficult terrain'? Does this apply to PCs as well (seeing that normally groupmates and go through a groupmate's tile at no cost)?
    [c] Character Sheet: The Formidable role-power is missing...
    [d] On p. 28: "Charisma aids in the inspiration success roll." I assume that the actor's charisma is added to the roll, right? (Same applies to diplomacy and intimidation/formidable?)
    [e] While it is clear that the Monk has Heal=30, the Medic skill is not similarly defined. I assume that Medic(basic) gives +10 Heal and Medic(advanced) gives +20, right?

    Things not tried out yet: Calling Out, Flanking, Pushing, Jumping, Crawling, LayingDown/GettingUp, Diplomacy, Thievery, Nonstandard & Dangerous actions, Bolas (also tangled & prone effects), Brutes.

    Also note my AF-MORPG blog ( for commenting stuff :) !

  8. Some more clarifications:
    [1] Is the Berserker capable of 'throwing stones' (ranged,5) as he cannot use ranged weapons?
    [2] I'm thinking to make the 'Call out' (Challenge) a Fighter-only capability, so that each role has something unique.
    [3] In the same line as [2], the Marksman's (Hunter? Ranger?) unique ability would be to 'handle animals' (like negotiate/diplomacy).
    [4] On p.35, Interrupt attack, events that trigger: "adjacent - either diagonal or straight" - does not seem right, maybe remove 'diagonal'?
    [5] On p.46 'HP(2XP/point)'. On p.47 "50XP Minion Fighter: 5HP (10XP)" but below it is stated that this Minion has 10 HP. Only Brutes get 5HP for free, so I guess the '10 HP' is a typo (correct 5HP).
    [6] On p.48 Brute build says '35 Formidable (5XP)' but text below says 'naturally formidable - no XP cost'.
    [7] "All characters may make one attempt per encounter" for Inspiration (p.28) and Diplomacy (p.27). Not so for Intimidation (p.28-29)?
    [8] Inspiration is clearly stated (p.27) that it does not stack with previous inspiration. If same applies to Intimidation, it is not clearly stated (p.28)...
    [9] "BareHands" & "ThrowRocks" weapons are available to all roles (and NPCs), right?

  9. A few questions more:
    [1] How would you add Shields content in the game?
    [2] What about Thrown weapons in general?
    [3] If there were ammo that have to be used, how would you implement their effect?

  10. Stephen,

    Great job! I have only skimmed through the Adventure Forge RPG, but I can see that you put a lot of work into this. I for one appreciate your effort and hope to play out a scenerio with my group soon. As a fellow free-lance RPG designer....SALUTE!!

  11. Hello Stephen! It looks like the rules have been removed from the site, but I've been working on an rpg ruleset of my own and was thinking of using the name Adventure Forge. It looks like this has been dead for a while, but u thought I'd ask first.