Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing Adventure Forge RPG

The year is 650 A.D. Your father has united several tribes in southern Europe to become a popular and powerful warlord, but he now realizes that he will never live to become a king. He hopes that you will succeed where he has failed. You have trained since early childhood to be a powerful fighter. There are stronger warriors in your central European region of Rhaetia, but none come close to your martial skills in close combat. Your people see greatness in your future, but you have much to learn.

Your best friend has trained alongside you for as long as you can remember. He is a berserker. His gift is blazing speed. In the time it takes for you to kill one adversary, he can do moderate damage to three. The two of you would happily venture forth alone into the world seeking adventure, but wisdom demands that your party include two more members: a monk so skilled at healing that he can treat injuries in the midst of combat, and the best marksman in the community - a ranged warrior who must be protected from close combat but who can deal out serious damage from a distance.

The next few years are critical. Your party must gain battle experience, knowledge, and wisdom. You must build reputations as formidable and powerful leaders. You must gather wealth. Accomplish all this, and you will have the power to build a nation out of the ashes of the Roman Empire. A world of adventure awaits.

Adventure Forge is a rules lite role playing game. True to its name it features a complete adventure generation system. Download the latest version here free.

Download Adventure Forge RPG

I will be adding new adventures to this blog. Check back regularly.

If you enjoy this game, or if you have suggestions, please leave comments. Happy adventuring!